What you need to know about Muddybuddies Pet Services

selena-and-dog-in-pushchairI’m Selena and the proprietor of Muddybuddies. Here’s a little about me and why I started Muddybuddies!

I’ve always had a lot of animals around me, personally I prefer their company to people. A few years ago I lost two of my large but difficult dogs in quick succession and decided I was getting older and didn’t want to replace them and would stay with the smaller dogs I had.

Well, after a few months I realised I was missing them too much and came across an advert for a local rescue needing fosterers to be able to save more dogs. I realised this was a way I could actually help; my kids had left home and there was only me rattling around the place, so I applied and became a fosterer.

After working with the rescue for a number of years, it became obvious to me that these dogs needed that little bit of extra help, even after rehoming. Many of these dog came from horrendous situations of neglect and abuse or of being locked away, kennelled and ignored or grabbed by a dogwarden and thrown into a pound to die…  I couldn’t imagine putting my rescue dogs back into a kennel environment and expecting them to be able to cope with it, or me even being able to cope, knowing how scared they would be that I’d abandoned them also.

Having worked with many lost, poorly and frightened souls and watching them flourish and gain confidence, and watching my pack encouraging and teaching them doggy rules, and most of all how to play and enjoy themselves, and watching them again accept another friend into the fold, I realised there was very much a need for this service.

I went from three dogs to seven, so also needed a job that enabled me to be with my animals. One of my dogs is called ‘Muddybuddybulldozer’ so that is where the name came from. (Plus the fact we don’t worry about squeaky clean, and go more for fun and adventure!)