Other small print

Other Smallprint

The Client must make Muddybuddies Pet Services aware of any anti social, aggressive or destructive behaviour before booking them in. Failure to disclose any relevant information may result in the customer being liable for any costs arising through actions that could have been prevented by disclosing this information. (This includes, but is not limited to, furniture repair, cleaning costs and damage to personal items.)

Muddybuddies Pet Services offers a home from home boarding service and although I do try to take the dogs with me wherever I go, there may be the odd time they need to be left behind. On these occasions I endeavour to make sure there are no obvious hazards and that the dog will not be greatly upset by this. The dog will be left no longer than one hour unsupervised. If your dog suffers from anxiety you must tell me so I can make appropriate arrangements.

Muddybuddies Pet Services reserves the right to rehome any pet that has not been collected within 14 days of arranged date, if all reasonable efforts to contact the owner have failed and I have heard nothing from them. In the event of having to rehome your pet through abandonment, then criminal charges may be brought and an administration fee will be charged as well as the boarding until a home is found for your pet.

Muddy buddies Pet Services is fully licensed with the local council and insured.

Now that’s out the way I’m off to play with the dogs!