Terms and Conditions

Here at Muddybuddies Pet Services we want you and your pet to feel happy and relaxed whilst you are away from them. However for everyone’s peace of mind, your pet’s safety, and to be clear about our liabilities, there are terms and conditions whilst your pet is in our care. These terms are non negotiable and, by using our service, it implies you have understood and are in agreement without exception.

Muddybuddies Pet Services will provide the agreed service with reliability, trustworthiness and with the utmost care and respect for the clients and their needs. We will undertake to care for your pets in a responsible and professional manner at all times. In return, by agreeing to use Muddybuddies Pet Services Pet services either verbally or in writing/text, you, the pet owner and client, understand, accept and agree to these terms and conditions.

1. The client must provide Muddybuddies Pet Services with an emergency contact of someone able to make a decision relating to the pet. If the contact is unavailable, then Muddybuddies Pet Services reserve the right to make a decision, alongside a vet, that is in the best interests of the animal.

2. The client is responsible for all veterinary bills, no matter how they are incurred, whilst their pet is in the care of Muddybuddies Pet Services.

3. Muddybuddies Pet Services will endeavour to care for your pet as you yourself would, and whilst every effort is made to ensure their safety and welfare in our care, in the unlikely event your pet becomes ill either inside or outside of the house or sadly passes away, Muddybuddies Pet Services will not be held liable.

4. Muddybuddies Pet Services reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time if they feel your pet poses a danger to the health and safety of the handler/carer.

5. Muddybuddies Pet Services holds public liability insurance as a boarding establishment/petsitting and walking service, but advises that correct pet insurance is held for their pet by the client as Muddybuddies Pet Services will not be held responsible for any accidents or incidents caused by or involved with your pet.

6. The owner of the pet must declare if their pet is likely to cause harm to themselves, other animals, our pets, or any visitors or staff or the general public. If not disclosed, the agreement can be cancelled as of immediate effect with no refund.

7. Cancellations – For cancellations of walks, a week’s notice is required and for boarding a month’s notice is required. If notice not given then charges may be applied in full for the cancelled period.

8. All dogs will be walked on lead unless prior agreement and disclaimer is signed and owner accepts full financial responsibility and liability for loss of, or damage by their pet.

9. All keys must be checked and/or made available to Muddybuddies Pet Services to be able to enter premises to collect/care for your pet. If a trip is made and they are not available, then the fee for service still applies.

10. In the event of extreme weather, heat, thunderstorms etc. Muddybuddies Pet Services reserves the right to cut short the walks for the safety of both carer and dogs and will not be held responsible for any consequence related to that decision.

11. All dogs by law must be microchipped and be wearing an identity disc at all times. Muddybuddies Pet Services reserves the right not to walk the pet unless these are in place. Muddybuddies Pet Services will provide temporary tags for the duration of their stay.

12. Entire dogs will not be accepted, neither will bitches in season.

13. All vaccinations or proof of cover must be in place.

14. Your dog must be deflead and wormed on coming to stay with Muddybuddies Pet Services.

15. You are responsible for the full and current vaccinations and the course must have been completed 4 weeks prior to stay. Proof of immunity via titre test is acceptable.

16. All medications sent with your pet must be clearly identified to them and all dietary requirements must be in writing, alongside any allergy information.

17. All daycare and walks are spent in a pack with other dogs unless otherwise arranged and although greatest care is taken to ensure your pet plays nicely, there will be the odd scuffle and doggy telling off, so expect the odd scratch or nip as this is how dogs communicate with each other.

Bookings and fees

1. To secure your booking we need a 50% non refundable deposit. Should the dog’s stay be cancelled without 14 days’ notice then full payment will be due. If the stay is cut short, you will not be entitled to a refund unless 14 days’ notice is given.

2. If Muddybuddies Pet Services has to cancel your booking a full refund will be given.

3. All payments must be made in full on departure and no pet will be released from my care until payment is made in full.